Aggregation Test

This node typescript project implements MongoDB aggregation pipeline

Since there was a need of sample data - the sample data is created by making API calls to this project created specifically for the aggregation testing.

Following are the steps to populate and/or query the data:

  1. The health of the API can be tested with welcome API ref.
  2. The companies are added ref.
  3. The company users are added ref.
  4. The company lessons are added ref.
  5. The lessons are assigned to users in company ref.
  6. The lesson assigned to a user can be started ref.
  7. The lesson assigned to a user can be ended ref.

Or else, please mongo restore this DB data in your MongoDB instance

The completion, pending and participation percentages can be retrieved with their respective APIs

  1. The Pending Percentage API ref.
  2. The Participation Percentage API ref.
  3. The Completion Percentage API ref.

Please import the Postman collection to simulate the APIs on your local by running npm start after npm i.

Important links: